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Monday, February 9, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

I got my whole list done on Saturday! The weather was so wonderful, I didn't even want to come inside for bathroom privileges. Will started the fire in the pit and kept watch over it. Several loads of rotten wood from fallen trees were piled on through the day.

The chicken house was cleaned out! The porch was swept clean. Fresh hay was put on the floor inside. Chick feeders and waterers were put away. Art work was hung on the walls. The chickens are happy. (Saturday night, a raccoon visited and turned over the cans of food on the porch and made another mess for me to clean up!)

Once the lawn mower got some minor maintenance from Tony, I attacked the liriope. I hadn't realized how thick it had gotten! My rose bed is getting smaller...or should I say, my liriope patch is getting larger! For some reason, my favorite dog, Riley, sees me with a lawn mower as a challenge. He will come next to the mower, throw down his squeaky toy and stand in front of the mower until I throw the toy. He is like the ghosts in PacMan trying to keep me from eating up all of the dots and cherries with my lawn mower. Regardless, it is done! I love checking things off the list that only have to be done once a year. Rick blew all the shredded leaves from the driveway!

Put the lawn mower back in the shed and dump the chicken poop out of the wheelbarrow. Round up clippers and head for the roses! Only two rose bushes didn't survive my pruning, the winter, the lack of mulch, the aphids... The rest were pruned and the scraps were added to the fire pit. I have the thorn marks to prove it!

My final chore required me to roam the trails in the back yard in search of plants for terrariums. I found a few small ferns, some wild ginger (also known as little brown jugs), some moss, and an old bottle. Rumor has it that our area was rampant with moonshine stills during prohibition. We have found lots of old bottles that confirms this. The terrariums are planted. Now we wait to see if these plants are a joy or a sacrifice! Pictures will come later. The condensation inside the jar is rather heavy at the moment.

I think I'll have to put my list of chores on my blog more often. The accountability that goes with a public plan is huge. I'm thinking about my list for next weekend! We even worked in some play time, too!

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