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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home Un-improvement

Oh, NO!! When the before picture is much, MUCH better than the after picture, you know you have made the wrong choice.

Let me tell you about the “before” picture. When we first moved in this house, my boys were just 3 and 5 years old. For their bathroom, I spent hours stenciling fish around the top of their wall. Each fish was different. The shower curtain had fish and was held to the bar by gold fish wearing shark fins. There were too many fish in the room! But most of all, the d├ęcor no longer seemed appropriate for a soon to be 13 and 15 year old. The natural progression from the fish seemed to be blue…like water…in a bathroom.

A few months ago, we purchased a blue paint that my son chose for his bedroom. Before it went on his wall, he decided it was too dark and wanted to choose another color. Initially, I wanted to make him stick with his bad decision. Now, I’m glad I didn’t! His second choice, a beautiful gold green, looks great in his room.

If you want to imagine the color, all you need to know is the name of the color…animation. Think of the bright blue Superman wears. Now, picture a small bathroom with lots of angles covered in this obnoxious blue. The one coat of poor coverage was enough for us to know we didn’t want to do a second coat.

We decided to stop. Tomorrow, we will visit Lowe’s with the second gallon of animation blue paint and beg them to lighten the shade. I’m think we’ll pour out half of the blue and fill it with white. I don’t think the blue will ever go away!

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