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Friday, February 20, 2009

Willie Nelson

Tonight, Tony and I went to the new DPAC Auditorium in Durham to see Willie Nelson. I wanted to go, and Tony agreed to go with me but wasn't too excited about it. Waiting for the show to start was the perfect time to people watch! Grandfathers with ponytails were a common site. We saw a few mullets...on boys AND girls. Lots of red bandanas and felt cowboy hats dotted the audience. The guys in front of us guzzled Jack Daniels from mini bottles. Give me a crowd, and I am entertained. I just have to remember not to stare!

Asleep at the Wheel opened for Willie, then accompanied him. They were fabulous. Their music was a bluesy, boogie-woogie, and country mix. There were two fiddlers (one was a 14 years old girl with pigtails like Willie's), a steel guitar player, a bass player (the big upside-down kind), a piano player, a harmonica player, a trumpeter/trombonist, a saxaphonist, and 3 guitar players. The stage was packed, as was the theater!

Willie came on-stage with his customary pigtails, no longer red but gray, singing Whiskey River. Once he got going, he didn't want to stop! He sang lots of songs I hadn't heard before but loved. When he broke into Georgia and progressed on to Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys, I was happy and new my money was well spent. He told a story about having carpal tunnel surgery last year and being told to "go home and shut up" by his doctor. He took this time to write some new songs. One was called You Don't Find Me Funny Anymore. My favorite line..."I used to fake a heart attack and fall out on the floor, but I don't think that's funny anymore." (I just googled Willie and found out he is 76 years old. I knew he had an old-man butt, but thought it was only 65 or so!)

Tony even had a good time! I owe him! I'll have to suck it up and go with him to an 80's band reunion.

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