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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Skippy Chick versus Riley Dog

I need my friend and boxing announcer, Bruce Foster, to read this for me. Thanks Jenny! I stole the photo of your Dad from your blog...The Red Bulletin Board.

Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!

Bruce Foster
Boxing Announcer

In the right corner, we have Riley Dog. He is a nine year old happy-tailed, lab-mix pound puppy, weighing in at 60 pounds.

Riley Dog

In the left corner, we have Skippy Chick. He is a 3 ½ month old cocky-wannabe, coachin rooster, weighing in at 2 pounds.

Skippy Chick

The Three Old Ladies (Ruby, Cora Bell and Shakiria) sit on the hay bales waking up and anticipating a handful of cracked corn.

The gate to the chicken run opens, Skippy Chick runs out and wedges himself between the henhouse and a tree, throws his neck-feathers forward and stomps his feet at Riley Dog. Riley Dog is caught off guard. Skippy Chick rares his head back. Skippy Chick lunges. He pecks. He misses. He pecks again.

Riley Dog has had enough! He lets loose a growl from the throat. He stomps back with teeth bared. Skippy Chick is limited in running options. A tree to the left, the hen house to the right. Skippy Chick does a u-turn. He is off! Riley Dog is on his tail. Feathers are flying.

The fan is freaking out (that would be me)! Riley Dog responds to the screams of his Number-One Fan and freezes. Skippy Chick skulks off to the yard, avoiding eye contact with Riley Dog, the Three Old Ladies, and his Number-One Fan.

Riley Dog wins by total intimidation and obedience to his Number-One Fan!

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Mermaid Debbie said...

I love chickens! You are lucky to have one as a pet. So sweet. Cute story, good doggie! I used to have pet ducks and they were my babies. I grew with an aunt who had chickens and there always seemed to be one who had to live in the house due to injury or illness and I loved them!