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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Puppy Love

This weekend, Riley started limping. He puts so much energy into chasing squirrels, squeaky toys, and bb gun pellets, I thought he might have pulled a muscle. He wouldn't put any weight on his back right leg. We watched for a day, and it didn't get better. Yesterday, I had to help him stand and carried him down the stairs. To the vet we went. Riley loves to ride in the car, so he eagerly climbed in.

When we arrived at the vet, he jumped out of the car, got a whiff of the many scents, took a look at the glass door, and put on his breaks. My Riley had to be assisted through the door. They were smart to make the floor a hard surface for two reasons. 1. When Riley didn't want to move toward the treatment room, he could be slid along. 2. When his nerves went to the next level and his bladder gave out, the floor was easily cleaned. I'm sorry to say we used both of these reasons during our visit.

North Wake Animal Hospital has been wonderful to our animals! We usually see Dr. Darch, but didn't request anyone specific. We wound up seeing one of the female partners. She checked Riley out good, said his hip may be getting arthritic. Since he'll soon be 10, this makes sense. She said to keep him calm for the next week and prescribed medication. I wrote the check and was getting ready to leave when Dr. Darch saw Riley from another treatment room. He came out and began palpating Riley's leg. He said, "I bet he tries to bite me when I move his knee." He was right. He grabbed a cortisone shot and injected Riley. If he isn't better in 3 days, he wants to x-ray his knee.

As I was writing my second check, a woman came in and stood next to me at the counter. I didn't look at her face but could tell by her body language that she was struggling to keep it together. The receptionist looked at her and knew. "Is he in the car?" A nod from the woman. "Do you need us to help you bring him in?" She managed to say, "My husband is in the car. He'll do it."

I wanted to say something to comfort her but knew there were no words. I held Riley close to me as the couple carried in a gray-muzzled basset hound. Both were crying. I could hardly see through my tears to write my check. I knew none of them, but I knew their pain.

I called Tony from the car, still crying, and scared him to death. It didn't occur to me that he would think I had gotten really bad news about Riley. Thank heavens Riley is much better today. He doesn't understand why I'm not doing my part when he brings his squeaky toy to me and throws it at my feet! I sure do love my dog!


Jenny S said...

My heart breaks for these people!! I still get upset over Micro and it's almost been a year!!

susie said...

Riley will be just fine. It's part of life, Miss Anna! Susie

Chickens in the Basement said...

Kiss my...

Em said...

Awww... I'm crying now... we had to put our beloved Colby down last May - it was so hard! The folks at Wake Forest Animal Hospital were so great, caring, understanding... the memory brings tears to my eyes... Of course I couldn't stand NOT having a dog in the house (it just felt wrong), so now we have Buster, who is so sweet and he seems to be meant for us now. I'm so glad Riley is doing better. Those cortezone shots work wonders sometimes!