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I love to write and I love to laugh. When I write, I get to the point quick. My stories would fit on the back of a postcard. They usually make me chuckle. And you know what they say, "It's all about me!"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Unprovoked Kindness

I love seeing folks being nice to strangers for no discernable reason. Today as I was leaving our local Goodwill, a woman and 4 children, the oldest around 5, were walking out in front of me. While in the store, the kids sat in the back with picture books in their laps, quiet and content. Very cute and very sweet. In the parking lot, a lady was unloading her trunk. She saw the kids running in front of their mother and called out. "Hey kids! Ya'll want a teddy bear?" The kids looked to their mom for approval. A bear as big as a grown up was pulled from the trunk and the kids' faces lit up. A few more smaller bears were produced. All 4 kids drug the huge bear to their car and piled in. I predict loads of love for that bear!


437 said...

Great story!

Em said...

That is SOOOO coole! Great story!