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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Party Like Jesus

What? Yep! That was John's opening comment in church this morning. We knew the Super Bowl would be one of the main themes from our football-loving minister, but his correlation of Jesus partying was a surprise. "Let me explain," he said.

Jesus met with people over food and drinks. Family, friends, strangers, disciples, prostitutes, lepers...let's roast a goat, tap a keg of wine and talk about religion!

There are two types of parties Jesus didn't like to attend. The Romans were too wild. Their parties were filled with too much food, too much wine, too much sex. Their appetites could not be satisfied. The Pharisees were stuffed shirts. They were stiff, fake...not fun. Only the most proper, richest folks were invited.

Neither of these would do for Jesus. Everyone should be invited. Old and young, rich and poor, black and white, married and single, gay and straight, Steelers fans and Cardinal fans. These are the best parties. How interesting to talk to folks with different views and experiences from your own. Or maybe, someone who looks so different from you has had the same experiences as you.

So, partying is okay. Don't overindulge or leave folks out. Even if you are pulling for the Cardinals (like me), you have to whoop it up and know James Harrison (number 92) was sending up some fabulous prayers when he intercepted the ball at the Cardinals end zone, ran the full 100-yard length of the field as the clock ran down on the first half and scored a touchdown. Jesus would have cheered and toasted the Steelers on that one. Now, the Cardinals need to say a few prayers to win their first Super Bowl.

Who will win Super Bowl XLIII?

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