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Friday, December 4, 2009

Backwards Glances

I am from a small town in eastern North Carolina. Even though Nashville is the county seat of Nash County, it has only just gotten a Wal-Mart on the outskirts of town. Without a doubt, the shops and old houses make the town so pretty and welcoming.

We moved from Nashville ten years ago. But with family and friends still residing in the area, we visit often.
So that we can stay abreast on the events, politics, obituaries and honor roll recipients, we have subscribed to the Nashville Graphic. It comes out once a week and usually arrives in our mailbox on Friday. I wait until I have 20 minutes so I can read it from cover to cover uninterupted!
Last year, I was enthralled by the battle between neighbors over barking dogs. Apparently, the Bad Guy in the situation owned three very yappy dogs. Unfortunately for the Bad Guy, the laws inside the city limits state that a family cannot own more than two dogs. I would imagine if someone owned three well-behaved dogs, no one would draw attention to that family. However, the Bad Guy with the three yappy dogs would not bring the dogs in. They would bark all day and night. Neighbors could not enjoy dinner on the back deck without the constant yapping. They tried talking neighbor to neighbor, but the owner of the dogs didn't want to restrict her pets. They spent an entire year battling in front of the city council and finally in court. The dog owner recieved fines and citations and, if I am remembering correctly, had to reduce the number of dogs she owns. The Bad Guy vowed to appeal the ruling. All of this was front page news. Every week, I couldn't wait for the next installment!

Last week, I was flipping through The Graphic when I came across this photo in Backwards Glances. This is where a photo sent in from subscribers or one from the paper's archives is published. This particular photograph was of the first grade class of 1934 at Nashville Elementary School. When I saw it, I began creating scripts for each kid in my head. Wanna see what's in my head?

The Original Photo

Little Joe struggled with body image his whole life!

Skeet loved the 70's! He owned the thickest gold chain and left the top four buttons of his shirt undone to show off his silver chest hair!

Spencer spoke with a terrible lisp. At age 65, he had "an operation." He now goes by Stephanie.


Chip and Skip were chased home and beaten up every day by Butch until he dropped out of school at the age of 13 in the 3rd grade.

Stella takes calls on the psychic network. Dion Warwick is a good friend of hers!

What's a pedicure?


Mary said...

Great post Anna - I'm laughing so hard.

Missed you last evening! Susie said you'd gone for a haircut and might return......hope it wasn't so bad you were scared to come back, ha, ha!! It was a lovely time, but wish more people had shown up!

Vintage Christine said...

You are soooo one of my favorite people! Your comments on the old photograph were priceless and spot-on. And I love your festive holiday look, too. I'm posting about all the loot you sent me as a major prize winner in the Snarky Sign contest. Thanks so so so so so much!

Em said...

This is SO funny! All of those kids are so cute - and to think that they might have been thinking these things is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

one gal's trash said...

I LOVE what's going on inside your head!

I've always said the inside of my purse (always a disaster) looks like the inside of my head.
Have a junky Saturday!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Hey girl!
You are a riot!

You asked about a white dog you mean the pic of the two dachshunds in my last post? They're listed in my Etsy shop as hot dog holders, but they could be planters, too. If you want them, just head on over and do the paypal thing and I'll ship them out next week!