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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Third Day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas, these vintage Santa's came to me...

Several years ago, I discovered the beauty of vintage chalkware. Was I ever thrilled when I stumbled across my first chalkware Santa bank two years ago. The colors are so vivid and fun!

The following year, I found a second chalkware Santa. He's also a bank. While his colors aren't quite as vivid, he's certainly unique.

If he wasn't vintage, I'd whip out my White Out and put some on his top lip!

When I put them in the center of the dining room table last year and surrounded them with holly, I thought it was the most beautiful centerpiece I'd ever created. The following morning, I was dismayed to find my beautiful Santa's facing the wall. When I quizzed my boys, Rick confessed to being creeped out by these Santa's. We spent the whole holiday season putting Santas in and out of time-out!

In time-out!

Out of time-out!

My third vintage Santa is very tiny. He's actually a tree ornament. Made with wire, sheer red fabric, pipe cleaners, felt, and other crafting supplies, it just rings my HAPPY bell!

Happy Ho Ho Ho to ya'll!


Jenny S said...

LOVE the banks! Very pretty!

Chicken Boys said...

LOL! When they are in time-out they look like they are taking a leak!

LemonyRenee' said...

I love your Santas and don't find them creepy at all, but creep IS in the eye of the beholder. Actually, truth be told, I enjoy a bit of creepy. In my family, we term it, "spooky, but a good spooky." I find it hysterical when my 6 y/o deems something "a good spooky."

I came across -- and immediately snagged a chalkware santa years ago that is sitting in a cross-legged position and holds a Christmas tree bulb (old, odd size, of course!) in his hand in his lap. Ever seen one like that? I have never seen one again, but always wonder about him because he is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!