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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Seventh Day of Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas, the mailman brought to us a very few Christmas cards!

It's about time for me to get to work on our family's Christmas cards. I'm dreading this. Instead of the nearly $400 we have spent on Christmas cards, photos, Christmas stationary and postage in years past, this year, I'm working on a FREE family newsletter e-mail.

This is the photo that will be accompanying the e-mail!
All of my sweet boys!

Our mailbox has held much fewer Christmas cards this year, so I know we aren't the only ones tightening our belts. And as for the funny cards, they are few and far between!

Every year, this is the first card I receive. It comes on the first day of December and is from Julie and Brian. No, they don't send the same card every year, but it does arrive on the same date. It always sends me into a Christmas-is-just-around-the-corner tailspin! Their card this year was so sparkly. I really thought you would be able to see more of its beauty, but alas, my scanner sucked on this one!

However, this pretty silver card with a stack of packages was a delight. Tony's Aunt Rita sent us this one from Australia. She is such a sweetie and never fails to send us Christmas greetings. I'll have to print out my Christmas e-mail and send it to her since I don't have an e-mail connection for her!

Susie, my once-business-partner-in-crime at SuzAnna's Antiques, sent this Santa-Cutie Christmas card. She is the Queen when it comes to remembering special occasions! She remembers my birthday and anniversary and sends cards for Thanksgiving and Easter. She even found me the perfect card for my husband for our next anniversary. Isn't she a wonderful friend!

My in-laws sent this beautiful card from Australia, too. I wish you could see the pretty glittery details that my scanner wouldn't pick up. It's also three-dimensional. Tony says I can't get away with sending them an e-mail instead of a Christmas card. If I want it to get to Australia before Christmas, I better get real busy!

This card really caught my attention! So many of the vintage cards I come across have been flocked. Get your mind out of the gutter! Flocked is when the card feels like velvet has been laid over some of the surfaces, usually the red ones. Since amaryllis remind me of Granny, this card had multiple attractions for me.

Thank heavens for Cousin Mandy! Actually, she's my mother's cousin, but I'm not sure what relationship that makes her to me, so I she will have to be my cousin, too. Her card just made me laugh! Her dog, Bentley, has been a royal pain in her @$$. The only time he seems to not be in trouble is when he is sleeping. How on earth does he sleep in that position!

And last, but not least, this is the postcard I got from a local dentist. Last week, I cut off the writing and posted it on my blog to see if anyone could guess what they were advertising. Lisa from Indiana guessed that they were "some sort of doctor, maybe a dentist." Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! I'll be putting one of my handmade Christmas ornaments in the mail to her tomorrow! I don't think he meant to send the card to me. I'm sure his focus was on all the single, married, happy, lonely (ie. horny) men in Wake County! I don't know any men who wouldn't want one of these girls leaning over him to look into his mouth! There are so many things I want to write, but you will just have to use your imagination! Same thing goes for what's in the box...what kind of present would your dentist give you for Christmas? A box of sugar free candy? Dentures? An electric toothbrush? X-ray vision glasses?

Hoping your mail box delivers many surprises for you and yours this Christmas!


LemonyRenee' said...

What a fun post! First, I LOVE your photo for this year!

Second, I know what you mean about the first Christmas card and how it is like a shot over your bow. My father-in-law has been famous for somehow always getting his card to everyone the day after thanksgiving. ugh! But this year it was weeks late, and you know what? That made me sad . . . as much as I used to resent the smug little arrival of his early Christmas card, at least he was on his toes enough to pull it off. Not this year . . . I think he is losing a step. :(

Last, what is with the dentist card? Are those really his employees? It has a certain Robert Palmer flavor to it . . . but I'm probably dating myself.

Merry Christmas!

Vintage Christine said...

Well, OBVIOUSLY he's got his d**k in the box!

Lisa said...

First-yipppeeee I won! Thank you Thank you! Happy dance!
Second-I love the Bentley card!! The other ones are so pretty but I dig the comical ones, I have a 18 pound cat that sleeps the same way. Wish I done this for our cards!!
Third- Vintage Christine cracked me up, I too thought of a d**k in the box!!