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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Ninth Day of Christmas

On the ninth day of Christmas my mailbox is decorated with nine kinds of greenery.

I actually decorated it on the first day of Christmas. Then, on the second day of Christmas, the gale force winds of a weird December storm blew this monster off my mailbox.

I scooped it up, put it back on top and tweaked it a little to make it presentable. It will have to do since I don't have much greenery left to cut!

I love fresh greenery on mailboxes and got a little carried away. Variegated acuba has large green leaves with yellow spots. It fills in nicely. I have about four different types of holly growing in my yard. I cut as many as I could reach, particularly the ones that have the most berries. I only had one bunch of berries on a nandina bush. I shoved that in there, too. A cedar tree hides my heat unit. I pruned the back of this and shoved handfuls of the clippings into the arrangement. The two scraggly-looking yew shrubs in my yard got a light pruning. If I cut too much it just disappears altogether! Like the arrangement on the front porch, I added some red spray painted dried hydrangea for color, tied on a bow and viola!

Last Friday, I went to Mama's house in Nashville, NC. For Christmas, she decorates her friends' mailboxes or light posts. Wouldn't you know it was the coldest day of the year! They all turned out beautiful.

We "borrowed" greenery from various spots around town and went to work. Here's what the elves did in Nashville!

Julie's Mailbox

Annette's Mailbox

Rosa's Lamp Post

Barbara's Mailbox

Mom's Mailbox

Mom's Ramp

Mom's Porch (love the milk box it's arranged in!)

How did I miss getting a photo of Mrs. Carty's mailbox? Hers is beautiful, too, and different because it has a yellow bow mixed in. Her Grandson, Bryce, should be headed to this side of the world in January. Be safe!

May your halls (mailboxes, porch, windowsills, front door) be decked with boughs of holly, acuba, nandina and much, much more!


Vintage Christine said...

Oh! How beautiful! I've never seen mailboxes with that much real greenery and they are just stunning. All I have is one of those mailbox covers but at least it matches my yard flags for a change.

Lisa said...

I got my ornament today in the mail. It is sooo pretty! Thank you for decorating my world with your wonderful talent!! It rocks being the winner of your give away!! If you lived closer I would also let you decorated my mail box.....okay so I have a P.O. will just have use teeny tiny greenery!

Diane said...

Such a beautiful work of art each and everyone! I sure love your Motto, keep smiling, and yes it heals a whole lot. Hugs, Diane