Chickens in the Basement

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Visit from a Ghost

Will and I ran out in search of jeans and a jacket at various sales about town. While we were out, Tony and Rick were visited by a ghost. I hope she comes back while I'm home!

A neighbor spotted her several weeks ago when he came home from work. He works second shift, so it was after 11 pm.

Neighbor Terri spotted her today. The doe jumped the fence from our yard to hers. She was very nervous!

Less than a week until hunting season is over! If she can make it until New Year's Day, she is safe from hunters!

I would even let this pretty girl eat out of my bird feeders without chasing her away!


Jenny S said...

how awesome...was she near the cemetary? hehehe!

Louisiana Momma said...

enjoyed your blog.. and you must tell me the story about having chickens inside? I am excited for this year long swap and I am pleased to have you as my first partner :-) I have never seen a white doe before. I have to show this to the hubs.

Em said...

That is so awesome! I have a friend who's father was out hunting a few weeks ago, and saw a white deer... I wonder if it was the same one? He was hoping to shoot it, I think it would be a travesty! They live in Franklinton - so I guess it's a possibility if she's a long-range traveler. I hope she stays put and brings you good luck! She's beautiful!

Vintage Christine said...

To think that someone might shoot her is just painful. She'd have half a chance if there were snow but those dead leaves surely don't help to camouflage her. I just noticed your blog header with St. Francis and the chickies--smart birds!

Stacey said...

Hi friend- Thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry I haven't been diligent about keeping up with reading - I visit blogs about once a month and it takes me forever to visit my favorites and leave comments. But I do so appreciate your friendship!

And what is this year long ornament exchange? I'll try to post the ornaments I made with my family soon. I used felt balls I got from Ornamentea and crystals that I also bought from there. They turned out nice...

By the way - Showed Ben the albino dear- He found it very interesting.

Also, read the post on your grandmother's ornaments. That is one of the best entries I've read this year. Definitely something that was heart felt and meaningful:)

Anyways, love you lots and hope to see (and write) you more in the new year!

LemonyRenee' said...

She's gorgeous. I do hope she makes it. Please tell me if she does. Thanks for sharing such a vision.