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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Fourth Day of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas our cross stitched stockings came out of the attic...and just in time, too! I cleaned up and organized the attic after Christmas last year. I had the hardest time finding many of my decorations. And why didn't I label those boxes?

Back in the early 90's when I could still see to read a cross stitch pattern and find the little holes in the fabric, I made stockings for each of us.

I made Tony's stocking first. This was before children, so I wasn't playing favorites...although, at the time he was my favorite!

Next, I made mine. I can't remember why I chose this pattern. My best guess was there weren't lots of choices in the magazines that year and I was on a roll! It certainly isn't my favorite!

Now Will's, I enjoyed making. I love the elves in this one. I'm surprised my BIG boys haven't complained about these stockings being too babyish. I hope they don't read this post and get any big ideas!

This one is my favorite. Even though I made it before we moved to the country to the house we live in now, we have seen all of the animals on Rick's stocking in our yard.

Now, let's add another log to the fire and fix a cup of hot chocolate.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

In hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there!


LemonyRenee' said...

Wow! These are beautiful and LOTS of work. I am a former cross-stitcher, myself. I needlepointed my husband's stocking, but hate it now because it is totally different from mine and the kids' (mine is that felt-kit w/sequins kind -- my grandmother made it for me when I was born) and I made my kids' in the same style. Before we had kids, though, I made my husband's stocking, which is beautiful -- rich jewel tones and sophisticated theme -- BUT it simply doesn't "go" with ours AND it faces the wrong way! I need to make him another -- but want to find a kit from when he was a kid, so it looks right.

Sorry to babble on -- your posts just strike such a cord with me.

Em said...

Those are great stockings! I have made one for Taylor Anne, but I'm not sure if I finished one for Anderson or not - they're kept at my parent's because that's where we wake up Christmas Morning! I still have my stocking that my Mother made for me - It doesn't matter that it's baby-ish, it's a Christmas Stocking!

Vintage Christine said...

Your boys will always love those stockings cuz they were made by their mama! Excellent job, girlfriend.

Chicken Boys said...

A fire in the fire place and a cup of hot chocolate sound good right now, as I have not been feeling well today. Have a great weekend!