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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

GRRR! Bad Manners Suck!

I have spent much of the last two weeks cruising help wanted web-sites. I spruced up my resume, wrote a good cover letter (even if I do say so myself), and sent them to the e-mail address they listed.
Turn everything down, close your eyes, turn up your hearing aides and listen carefully, and you'll hear the responses I've gotten.
Did you hear it? Yep! NOTHING!
I don't like this age of technology! There is a quick fix to everything. Need to find a McDonald's? There's an APP for that. Want to ditch a girl? Just change your status on facebook. In church and can't answer your phone? Shoot out a quick text.
Come on potential employers! We're feeling a little desperate, unloved, inadequate. You just don't know how happy an e-mail saying, "Thanks for submitting your resume. We wanted you to know that we got it and will be in touch soon," would make me! I'm feeling invisible! Hello? Is anyone out there? Can you see me?
If I don't meet your needs or requirements, would it kill you to say, "Thanks but you're not what we're looking for."
Come on future employers! Throw a girl a bone!


Piecefulafternoon said...

I'm with you. I've been unemployed since last September and have sent zillions of resumes - good resume - excellent cover letters - and have heard back from two. Out of a zillion that is a bad percentage.

One employer - not one I had applied to - told me that they receive so many resumes these days that they take the first 10 that come in - review them and if they don't find a candidate, go to the next 10, etc. She told me that she gets sometimes 400 or more resumes for each job that is available and they rarely look at more than 20 of them - the rest go in a file that will probably not be opened again, since they will want a fresh batch of available workers when the next job comes open. Sad process for those of us looking for a job - that's for sure.

Barbara said...

Man, like I said, get used to it. The employers are getting hundreds of resumes for one job opening, so I hear. It took me MONTHS to get any response at all, and I was completely used to it not taking more that two weeks to get an offer. Hang in there, it's a tough world out there!!

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Good luck with the job hunting!
Keep checking your email maybe they will come tomorrow.

Rose H (UK) said...

Future employers in the UK are just as bad I'm afraid :O(
I totally agree with you it IS bad manners. A note of acknowledgement wouldn't kill them would it?
If you are emailing your resume to them I'd ask for a 'read receipt' when you send it - let them suck on that!
Hope you have good luck very soon.

Best wishes


Lisa said...

Yea, getting a job stinks! How do yu really know if you want to hire someone you've NEVER talked to!!! They need to be able to communicate or it isn't worth it! and you can only do so much in a resume. I will say that they are not as in a hurry to hire you as you are to get a job and they will respond. I used to get nothing and then in one week I had more interviews than I could go to and was offered 2 positions. It was nice to have a choice!
You will find a great job!!!
Hugs, Lisa

dirtyduck said...

bah its hard getting your foot in the door. is your cold better?

Ninny said...

Technology has changed the way the whole world communicates. Children are growing up without skills needed to talk to a person eye-to-eye, without the ability to listen to speech nuances and inflections. Emoticons take the place of facial expressions. We're a society who will not know how to communicate without a computer, or an ipod. What a shame...a person's best resume is followed by selling oneself in person, and you won't even get the chance because people today don't have emoticons for manners so they don't use them. I have never applied for a job on line. Try dropping off your resume in person, make an appt, just walk in and say, "Hello, I'm..." That's how you sell yourself.

Good luck my friend!!!


Linda said...

Bad Manners indeed! I haven't been getting a response either and I heard it is also the volume of applications they get...hundreds for one job. So keep on trying but don't take the silence personally!!
It just sucks out there!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I don't know - - - but maybe in this highly technological age a little old fashioned shoe leather is called for?

Maybe go in person to some of these places and HAND them your resume?

Just an old fashioned thought from an old fashioned girl.

Chicken Boys said...

Ridiculous, ain't it? Makes you wonder if they even got your resume, eh? I sent one to the hospital here in Greenville (long story, thought of quitting this job cause they made me mad). I did get an e-mail saying thanks for applying. But I heard nothing after that. I get periodic e-mails for jobs (from a job search site) that I supposedly match, but I either don't qualify for the job, or the job don't qualify for me. Good luck in the job search. Hope You find one soon.

red.neck chic said...

I hear you! I hear you!!!

I'm blessed enough to have a shop going - but it scares the heck fire out of me that my son is going on the hunt next year. I am truly over-whelmed by the fact that future employers PREFER an anonymous resume - faxed, emailed, uploaded... what happened to letting a grin get your foot in the door - then a short interview? Or - even a nod of acknowledgment?

I am praying for you... and I always have my duct tape. Don't ever hesitate to call me in... I can use it. We'll tape those people to their chair and then you can READ them your resume!!!

;-) robelyn

dobco said...

The joys of modern technology!

*Ulrike* said...

Is that not the truth! That has been going on for quite some time only now with all the new tech it has gotten worse. Such a shame.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

The decline of manners was inevitable in this increasingly techie world, sadly.

I'll keep sending up the prayers that someone out there recognizes what a wonderful asset you would be to their company!


Chicken Boys said...

If you feel up to it, I tagged you! If not, that's cool, too! Have a great job-hunting day!