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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Heavenly Sunday

Today was a sign that spring is coming! With the temperatures in the 60's today, I could not make myself come inside. We even ate a bowl of chili on the front porch.

I had piles of outdoor chores on my list of things to do and couldn't wait to start checking them off!

First job, prune all butterfly bushes to the height of my waist. They were about 10 feet tall before I started cutting.

Number 2...Remove all of the dead-heads from my snowball hydrangea bush.

Once I was done, there were loads of hydrangea flower tumble weeds blowing around the yard.

Number 3...Take this pile of dead leaves and slime and pull as much away as possible so next years blooms won't have to weave through this yucky pile.


Look at these green shoots ready to spring forth. This reminds me of Amaryllis with its large white blooms with 4 to 5 on each stem. The blooms smell like gardenias. They bloom all summer and multiply like crazy. Ten years ago, this was one bulb. There are probably 50 now!

Number 4...Liriope is supposed to be cut back in February. But since we had snow and rain nearly the entire month, this chore did not get done.


Riley Dog moved from his sunny spot. Will cranked the lawn mower and raised the blades as high as they would go, and I whacked the tops off of what felt like miles of liriope.


If you prune the tops off in February, the new growth isn't tall enough to get chopped off. And, the stuff you cut off would turn brown by the middle of summer if it wasn't removed.


Number 5...Last spring, I found these Lenten Roses on craigslist. They were teeny tiny. I left them under the sprinkler all summer and just let them grow. Today, they finally made it into the ground!


Now, if the chickens will just leave them alone and let them spread out their roots and bloom!

And finally, number 6...I started some seeds in peat pots.

I collected seeds from a red spiky flower that I love. (I don't remember the proper name.) Plopped about 5 into each little pot, watered it good, and put them under some glass for that greenhouse effect (and to keep the chickens out!)

Two windows hinged together works great!

And these fun glass globes are especially good chicken repellents? Do you know what they are?


Linda said...

You were a busy girl. Ready for Spring! Me too!

Linda said...

The fun glass globes...are they headlights?

Barbara said...

Are they old headlight covers?

What the heck do I know? I live in the city!

Anonymous said...

Those glass globes are so familiar but I can't quite place them. My hydrangea is poking up through the ground, too. And i must cut back the crepe myrtle this month so it doesn't look so wild when it finally leafs out. So much to do! But so fun to get out in the fresh air for a change...


Julie (Legacy Crafter) said...

Hello there,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I was exhausted after reading your blog, seems you were very busy outdoors but wonderful day for it with all that sun!
As far as the globes go could they be light covers for an old automobile?
Have a great day tomorrow,
God Bless,

Julie (Legacy Crafter) said...

Forgot to add we used to have Riley dog. A black and white huskey. We got him at 1.5 years old and he was absolutely head case crazy.. but as he aged, he aged gracefully and was the sweetest boy ever!

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Are those headlight covers??? Wow so genius!!! Do you compost? all that lovely yard waste would make excellent earth next spring. Boy you sound busy it is way too cold here for real deep down yard work, I am jealous.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Wow, my friend, you are quite the go-getter!
Ahhhh, you are so lucky having a hydrangea bush, those are my favorite flowers.

Have a wonderful week!

Amber Von Felts said...

Oh spring is coming! Today my BF dug up some dirt to start a veggie patch. Its so great to see the rich brown dirt. I wish we had chickens to scratch around the yard though.

I think the globes are from street lights, the big ones on city streets...just a guess?

Chicken Boys said...

We spent both days outside. It was great! I pruned my rose looking thingy. No clue what it is. It looks like a climbing rose. Even the leaves are shaped like rose leaves. But it has no thorns, and didn't flower last year. It was growing behind the shed near the field when we moved in Nov. '08. I haven't researched it. A bit lazy in that respect. Are those things Booby Armor?

Vintage Christine said...

That looks like a mangled wee-wee inside that bottle (yes, I know it's your finger holding the bottle, but still . . .). Good lord, all that work you did nearly gave me a heart attack and now I have to rest to build up my strength to go to Walmart. Will you please come down here and clean up my yard, too, pretty please?

red.neck chic said...

Dang woman - it was RAINING here!!! AND up in Dallas!!!

Okay - because you know me, and yet you still continue to converse with me, I will tell you what I think the glass domes are...

bra fillers.

;-) Thank you for luvin' me!!!

LOVE all that you accomplished!!! When you comin' to make me get to work?

;-) robelyn

*Ulrike* said...

Those pesky chickens! I know all about them as I am constantly shooing them away from my flower beds, and other areas. There are these two white ones that want to play chicken crossed the highway too. Oh boy! One big project this year is to build a bigger and better chicken house! You certainly did a lot. This weather has been gorgeous this weekend and for today too. I'm sure we will have some more cold days, but sure am lovin these warm ones!

Mary said...

I'm catching up with you dear - yeah, I trimmed off my hydrangea heads last week and today the plants have a ton GREEN buds popping out - hopefully no late freeze will hit us!