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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Auction Goodies for Little Girls

I don't know what it is about cute little girl outfits that makes me swoon, but I could not leave these cute things at the auction house! With all of the testosterone in my house, I never even got to touch one of these unless I wore something so cute as a baby!

This little outfit couldn't be more perfect for Little Jane in the throes of August! The ties at the waist leave the rest of the top open for a little fresh air. And the matching bloomers keep the unmentionables under wraps!
You know Little Mary has to wear this oh so chic outfit for the 4th of July picnic! The open back and halter top allow for a little sun on the shoulders. Again, matching bloomers keep the pampers out of site!
I'm sure these bloomers used to have a matching top that got lost through the years. The upper left pair are my favorite. They have elastic in the back, but the front is smooth and tailored to provide baby with that slim hour-glass figure!
You know when you come across a good deal, you have to stock up! A pair of bloomer shorts for every day of the week. One light blue, one denim and 5 pink! After all, they are for a girl!

Remember the mix and match outfits from Buster Brown. How cute! UNTIL...I scooped the pants up to return them to the box and this was underneath.

It felt sort of like insulation crumbs! I figured no mother would want this yucky stuff up against their little girls skin so they should probably head on over to the dump!

When I was little, I loved playing with paper dolls. Robin and Rachel came with a bag full of clothes, but they haven't been cut out yet. So, they get to hang out in their swim suits until I get around to cuttin out some spiffy little outfits for them! I think these girls are from the 70's. Wasn't that the era of big eyes?

What kind of outfits did you love for your little girl?


Queenie Jeannie said...

I had the pleasure of dressing up two little girls and yes, it's SO MUCH FUN!! They just have all the frills, and lace and bows and and and, lol!!!

Erin said...

How adorable are those outfits! And I have to say thank you! you brought me back to the day when I had a fair few amount of diaper covers for my daughter (Now almost 8!) because no one was ever to see her diaper lol! Enjoy your day! Erin

Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

Oh, those little outfits are just precious!
No little girls for me, alas. :-(
But I do have several precious nieces I love to spoil with pretties!

bad penny said...

I must admit I put my little girl in dungarees. She was a bottom shuffler not a crawler & slid around in her dungarees.

However my husband's boss at the time had a daughter a week before us and for a couple of years his wife bought our girl some amasing dresses - They are in a suitcase in the loft.

I kept her hair fairly short because I was told it would encourage thick growth so she never had long whispy baby hair in teeny bunches. ( she does have lovely hair ! )

I can't have done too much damage -at seventeen I love her style of clothes & accessories !

Chicken Boys said...

Saddly enough, I have not been blessed with any kids of my own. But I have enjoyed buying outfits and such for my wonderful nieces and nephews.

Jill said...

I love the little paper dolls. I've never done frilly with my girls, I guess because I'm not. I like very girlish--just not frilly. My littlest gals now have magnetic dress up dolls. No, it doesn't have the charm of the old ones, but they don't tear and they play with them for hours and they still look new, so that's something.

micki @ ADD housewife said...

I love little edgy outfits. I put my girls in skulls and funky designs. Of course today my 3 yo is wearing a pink tutu and striped pants.

Linda said...

Oh I loved dressing my little one's in cute outfits. Not too frilly but very sweet. Loved great cotton dresses with bows and tucks. Sigh...long time ago!

Maggie B said...

What cute outfits you found, very hard to resist I'm sure.
I never had the fun of dressing a little one of my own and both of my sisters have boys.
C'est la vie!

red.neck chic said...

oh my gosh... my mom had me in ruffles and lace CONSTANTLY!!! Now I'm in my... well, older... and I STILL wear ruffles and lace. LOLOLOL Unfortunately for me the resident teen is of the male variety - i just don't understand how he won't wear bloomers...

dang. LOVE the paper dolls!!!!!

;-) robelyn

Barbara said...

I love when someone I know is having a girl. Boys suck to shop for. That first dress is exactly what I would have dressed my girl in, had I ever had children. Which I didn't, of course, (children? ick!!)

I grew up in the 1970s - so we wore stripes with plaids and horrifically designed clothing from Sears. I was fortunate in my early years (born 1961) that my mom suited me in cute litte A line dresses...but as I got older...let's just say I cringe whenever the Brady Bunch comes on TV...

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

That's quite a stash of girlie clothes! What are you going to do with them all? I miss dressing my daughter up in sweet little outfits. It's hard to believe she'll be 20 in a few months.

Piecefulafternoon said...

I dressed my girls in the cutest of outfits - a lot like the ones you pictured. Our "baby" is now 40 - how did she get so old and I'm still so darn young.

I adore paper dolls - and am starting a collection of my own.