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Monday, January 4, 2010

Let the Angels Sing!!!

Aaaa-le-lu-iah! Aaaa-le-lu-iah! A-LAY-LU-ia! Let the angels sing for about three minutes then
Blissful peace and quiet!
At 6:50 am, Tony loaded Will up and took him to school. At 7:30 am, I have just returned to the house. I had to control myself when I saw that big yellow bus round the bend! Mrs. D, I missed you so much!
Bye, kids! Love you! Have a good day at school!
I'm alone! For six and a half hours, nobody will ask me what we are going to do today, what do we have to eat, do you know where my XYZ is, when are we eating dinner... You get the picture!
I love my family!! I enjoy their company! But I have missed doing what I want to do without being asked why I'm doing it! By 3;00, I'll be lonesome and ready for everybody to come home!
If it wasn't so cold, I might vacuum the house in the nude. Wouldn't that freak the heck out of the UPS guy if he drove up on that sight! Do something fun today! C'mon! Nobody's watching!


Pixie said...

girl, I couldn't agree more! Not only has my son been home O(and since when did he turn into a hermit?), but my husband has been home as well! It got a bit touchy yesterday when he would not keep his mits out of the cooking I was doing and insisted on adjusting my sewing machine. I think my banshee scream and the waving knife insured that the kitchen remained clear until it was time to eat.

Jenny S said...

LOL!!! Vaccuuming in the nude, guess I won't stop by with your very late Christmas present!! heheheh!

LemonyRenee' said...

I hear you! And thank you for saying it! (Some moms are still so into the "I'm too wonderful to say anything less than wonderful about my family" thing . . . it drives me nuts.)

That said, I still have one home today. She woke up hot and with a headache this morning. !!! So, home she is. Of course, 2 hours into this odyssey, she's no longer hot, but has had a bloody nose -- from picking it! -- so I am less than sympathetic. She expected to come down from her room upon the end of her bloody nose. I told her she could practice not picking her nose on her own furniture, thank you very much. Now she's furious -- she can't be that sick.

So do TWO things fun today. One for you and another for me! Hopefully, my turn will come tomorrow.

Chicken Boys said...

Mike is out of town taking care of my sick parents, as that's where I was over the weekend. But he's home when I'm working. It's rare that I'm at home alone....very rare. He dropped off my cell phone and the house keys before heading out and said he left me a list of chores. But with temps dipping into the 20s I'll not be feeding the chickens in the nude! People will laugh!!!! Vacuuming is another story! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm SO with you on this one! Couldn't wait for the kids to go back to school. then I only have to hear the words "I'm stillll hungry" for 4 hours instead of 10!!

In answer to your question on my blog, "the Moors" are also known as the Somerset Levels and are in the South West of England. They are very flat and below sea level so are prone to flooding in the winter. In prehistory, people only used the land in the summer as it was useless in the winter. It is thought that this is where the county name Somerset came from...Sumorsaete or Land of the Summer People.

There are plenty of photos of the floods etc on my blog, just click on the Moors category on the right hand side to see older posts!

bad penny said...

I'm laughing out loud !! I saw Lemony's comment on her blog & had to follow...

Yipee they are back to school !!!

I LOVE having the house to myself and yesterday NOTHING GOT DONE ( apart from thawing out the dogs & chickens frozen water ) and it's looking that way today 'cept I need to get the decorations down.

My lot know it when mum needs her space to herself ! Son home tomorrow - having his traintracks (braces) fitted.

Yarni Gras! said...

heehee....I used to cook breakfast nude until an unfortunate incident.. I won't go into details here....hahaha!