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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cora Dog

This morning, every time I went into the garage, Riley Dog would bang his nose against the tin trash can that holds his dog food. That's his way of saying, "Feed me, dammit!" Since the cupboard was so bare, I couldn't even offer the poor dog a bone and in an effort to distract Riley Dog, we loaded up in the truck to go to Pet Smart for a huge bag of Nutro kibbles for older, less active dogs. This makes me thankful that I do the shopping for our family as somebody else might decide to feed me rice cakes for the big-assed mothers!

Feeling extremely guilty for not providing the poor dog any breakfast, I snagged a small plastic cup of dog food, opened it up and let him dine while watching a room full of puppies in a training class. Knowing that Riley Dog wouldn't shrivel up from starvation, we headed off to finish our list of errands.

Upon arriving home, I discovered Cora Bell and Hazel the Boy hanging out in the garage. Riley Dog was happy to sit in the truck while I unloaded. I hauled out the huge bag of food, poured it into Riley's can, tossed a piece of the food to Cora, expecting her to look at me like I was crazy when instead she gobbled it up! I couldn't believe it. I filled up Riley's dog bowl and she sidled right on up to it and helped herself.

Riley Dog has been willing to share his garage space with Cora Bell, has overlooked the poop presents she's left for him, and even lets her drink from his water bucket from time to time, but I'm afraid he is going to draw the line at sharing his groceries with her, even if they are low calorie. As a matter of fact, he's probably thinking fresh chicken might taste pretty good right about now!

You better watch your back, Cora Bell!

And I thought the story ended here! But, noooooo! Tony came home from work and informed me that Cora was still in the garage. Since it was nearly dark, I went out to walk her to the chicken house. When I entered the garage, this is what I found!

I guess my old girl is on a health kick! Diet dog food and bike rides! Should Riley Dog decide to dine on Cora Bell, she'll be thin and stringy. The diet dog food is sounding better all the time!


Chicken Boys said...

LOL...I don't know about diet dog food, but I have, on occasion, fed my hens dog food. I got the idea from a guy I get pigeons and chickens from. The hi-protein dog food is good for their feathers, when molting, and in winter, as thicker feathers helps keep them least, that's what I was told. Is it true? Don't know. But it hasn't hurt them!

Chickens in the Basement said...

I'll have to buy Miss Cora some Alpo! I can't afford to feed her and Riley Dog Nutro! At $40 a bag, I'd have to eat Ramen Noodles! Not an option!

Linda said...

I am rolling! So funny! I think my fav line is that someone might decide to feed me "rice cakes for big-assed mothers!" Ain't it the truth! you crack me up! I sure did need this laugh today. Thanks from one big-assed mother to another!


Jenny S said...

hahaha! Can't wait to see Cora wag her tail!! hehehe!

LemonyRenee' said...

Looks like Miss Cora has made a few new year's resolutions herself!

Chicken Boys said...

Funny, Jenny, about the tail wagging thing. Some of my hens do that! Wonder if it's the dog food I feed them? LOL

Barbara said...

If you feed chickens dog food, will they lay eggs filled with puppies?

Melinda Cornish said...

your so funny! love that chicken!