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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Leave Jay Leno Alone!

I know there is so much more going on in the quakes, economy, war, etc., but I have more trivial stuff on my mind. The big discussion in Hollywood and tv programming drama is where to put Jay Leno.

When your 10:00 choices are either police dramas or hospital gross outs (CSI New York, CSI Miami, NCIS, NCIS LA, Criminal Minds, Numbers, Cold Case, CSI Crime Scene Investigagion, Private Practice), you are guaranteed a crappy night's sleep with TV induced nightmares after watching a sex offender brutalize children or seeing the guts of a pregnant woman spread across the emergency room while her surgeon is being kidnapped by the sex offender who was running from the CSI guys! YUCK! I just don't want to watch stuff like that before I go to sleep.
Hence, I have been a follower of Jay Leno since he started coming on at 10:00. I'd much rather watch his mindless goofy monologues and "star of the moment" guests and sleep like the girl in the Tylenol PM commercial. I'm stunned that Jay's 10:00 following is not more popular. Surely I'm not the only girl in the country that doesn't like blood and gore!



Mary said...

I don't watch any of those late night talk shows - but if I did I guess it would be Jay as he seems more like a normal person than those other idiots!!

Agree about the violent criminal shows - far too many of them and something we definitely need less of, instead they keep grinding out more. TV stinks most of the time - even HGTV is terrible now!

Chicken Boys said...

I am not one of his fans! is kinda screwed up that the moved up Conan O'Brien (who I also don't care for) and Gave Jimmy Fallon a talk show, and now want to take it all back! When I was a kid we had a politically incorrect saying that said "indian givers"! Why should Conan and Jimmy get screwed because Jay didn't get the ratings they thought he would.

LemonyRenee' said...

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. And, well said, I might add.

By putting Jay on at 10pm, they are asking viewers to change their habits. I am with you. I cannot find a thing to watch on the major networks -- almost ever, but certainly at 10pm. I have gotten into the habit of surfing and usually end up on a cable channel. I intend to watch Jay, and sometimes I do, but many times I simply forget because it has not become routine for me yet. Viewers need time.

Gosh, most of the great shows of late (Cheers, Seinfeld) took more than a year to take hold. How can anything succeed anymore??

And I feel for Conan O'Brien, too. As a fellow red-headed kid, I find his red-headed kid shtick gut-splittingly funny and we have bonded from that moment on. He, too, needs a chance to settle in.

Amen to you sister!

The Queen of Clearance. said...

I loooove conan but have never been a leno fan, but since he changed times I have watched his show too. I enjoyed it alot and am sad that they are moving him and making conan mad in the process. lol. I hear ya!

Chickens in the Basement said...

Yep, I want Conan to stay where he is, too. On the ocassion that I stay up that late, I do enjoy watching him. You're right about allowing time, Renee. It's sad when conglomerate TV stations want instant gratification! Good Lord, I've been writing my blog for a whole year and have 41 followers and I'm thrilled! Good thing I wasn't expecting a thousand in that first week!

I guess what I really want is a reasonable choice...1. death, destruction, major injury or 2. something funny and light hearted! I choose number 2!


Melinda Cornish said...

I am surprised he hasnt done better in that time slot...I watch david letterman though......since jay has been on earlier though, I have been watching him more often.....

Vintage Christine said...

Uh oh--there is finally something we disagree on. I LOVE LOVE LOVE (to infinity and beyond LOVE) all those cop/blood & guts shows, in fact Criminal Minds is my favorite show in the world. NCIS isn't too far behind. I guess I'm not a late night talk show fan because I can't seem to be able to stay up that late (and I'm in the Central time zone where things are on an hour earlier!). And now I hear that Sarah Palin is getting her very own little show over there on that oh so fair and balanced channel, Fox News. I'm going to bed and pulling the covers over my head.

Barbara said...

I could watch Jay and his cars all night, but his show, no. Never found him funny.

Thank god for TIVO, otherwise, I'd be forced to watch network tv!

And how, missy, did you get so many followers? I'm so jealous!

Stacey said...

I never got into Jay Leno... But I can understand not wanting to watch all the crime and ER dramas. Personally, I've always got Antique Roadshow to keep me entertained (we have DVR with FIOS - which means we can automatically tape our favorite shows)...By the way- sending your little gift off tomorrow:)