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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Top 10 Things that Bug the Crap out of Me

Okay Miss Renee from Of Lemons and Honey! Too many smiles and good-intentioned blog posts from the New Year have brought out the snarky, sour-lemon side of you. I can't leave you out there alone, so here's my list of things that bug the crap out of me!

1. Speaking of bugs, I despise a litterbug!

2. I hate it when somebody pees on the toilet seat and walks away. What makes them think I want to clean up their mess...that is assuming I saw it before I sat in it!

3. People who move to the country then complain about the deer, dogs, chickens that have always been in the country.

4. Telemarketers, especailly at dinnertime!

5. People lacking a sense of humor and the ability to smile!

6. Whiners! If you are older than 3, you are too old to whine. If you're older than 40, you should get a spanking when you whine. (NOTE: my list of 10 things that bug me does not count as whining!)

7. Places that only serve Pepsi products. I'm a Diet Coke girl!

8. Parents who allow their children to behave badly.

9. People who pass me on the highway, only to pull in front of me and slow down. Or even worse...pull up beside a car and go the same speed, hence blocking the entire highway!

10. When stupid blogger decides my photos should be seen sideways instead of the way I load them!

Thanks to google images for the pictures used in this post! Isn't it amazing their photos never upload sideways!

What bugs the crap out of you?


Linda said...

Great Post!!! Love the peeing on the seat, if they do it they should clean it! I'm almost 60 and I always sit and I'm telling ya, I have never caught a disease yet! Oh no, I'm WHINING!

Queenie Jeannie said...

That was a really great list!! I hate rudeness. People are just so self-centered these days and need to be reminded there are other people around too!!!!

Anonymous said...

A great list Anna, and I agree with every one of them, especially numbers 2 and 3!

Barbara said...

Terrific list, I agree with every one EXCEPT...I am a Pepsi girl!!

Chickens in the Basement said...

It's okay Barbara, we can still be friends!

Mick said...

the Pepsi Only thing bugs me too! (I like regular coke)

when you get change back and 1. The chasier doesnt count it back! 2. they just hand you the change and bills all at once, therefore throwing off your seamless bills into wallet motion...

And People Who talk ab big game, but do nothing... UGH those type are thick as theifs aroung the Casablanca!
haha Im not whining! just stating the facts! : )

Mick said...

The Pepsi only thing bugs me too! (I like regular coke)

2 When the chasier gives you change back and doesnt count it. Then hands you the bills with change onto therefore throwing off the seamless bills to wallet movement!

3 People Who talk a big game and then don NOTHING... UGH those types are thick as THEIFS around the Casablanca!

Im not whining! Im telling it like it is! : )

Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

Oh my gosh, I think you and I are the same person!!! I could have written that list!

I hate when Blogger turns my pics sideways, wassup with that?

And I'm totally a Diet Coke girl, too!
We're twinsies! ;-)


Vintage Christine said...

People who don't use their turn signals. People who don't pull over when a funeral comes by. People who ASSUME you're a racist because you live in the South. People who ASSUME you're a right-winger because you live in the South. People who think it's perfectly ok to be a racist right-winger because they live in the South. People who think Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi is actually BETTER than Coke Zero! Are you SERIOUS?!