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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

I was ignoring Scrubs and catching up on my blog reading when I was snatched from Jenny's blog post of her favorite photo when I heard, "What the fragglerock was that?" I wasn't even paying attention to the show and have no idea what inspired the comment, but this quote made me bust out laughing! I'm glad I had just finished my coffee because it would have hurt if it squirted out of my nose!

I challenge you to use this quote at least once today...

What the fragglerock was that?


My friend, Chris, is hosting a Valentine Giveaway. She promises there will be lots of candy in the package. Count me in!

Click on the picture to take you to I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage and get yourself entered!


Vintage Christine said...

That is sooooo "Scrubs"! God I used to LOVE those tiny little "Bob the Builder" looking guys on FraggleRock. I vow to use the quote, Girl Scout's honor (and I just stuck my fingers up in the air for the salute). PS--I don't call my boobs The Girls--I refer to them as Those Sad Flabby Things. PPSS--I'm going to Birmingham next week to scout out thrift stores, etc.

Queenie Jeannie said...


So love it and totally will use it!

Linda said...

That is so funny and I promise to use it myself. OK Girls Scoutt's honor also (yes I put my fingers up int he air :) can't let Christine have all the fun)!
I have Birmingham on my that in May???

Vintage Christine said...

When I saw MY picture on YOUR blog on my Blogaramalamadingdog gadget, my first thought was that not only is Blogger screwing with the "Followers" gadget (which for some unknown reason isn't showing up on anyone's blog at the moment) but now it's grabbing random photos and pasting them on to random blogs. Ha ha, nope, it was just Miz Chicken brazenly stealing my artwork--and THANK YOU for doing it! I love that you mentioned my giveaway. Just for that, I'm going to add MORE candy, and I'm sorta thinking about doing a runners-up/booby prize (lord, there's that reference again) so more than one person can win something. No need to tell me how wonderful I am, though. Really.

Chickens in the Basement said...

And who said only boys can be obsessed with boobs...although I don't want to touch anybody elses! I just like talking about them!