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Monday, January 18, 2010

I Love My Mailman!

This is what he brought yesterday! I just love it!

Actually, that gives the mailman more credit than he should have. Come to think of it, he brings way more bills than goodies!

This postcard was sent to me by my friend, Stacey. I love it! She said it reminded her of me. If I could command the girls to LAY, I wouldn't have to add eggs to the grocery list in the winter!

Her blog is Flotsam and Jetsam. Stacey is a talented girl who knows so much about ephemera. As a matter of fact, Stacey has been very good for my vocabulary. She has explained to me what ephemera, flotsam, jetsam and bibelot mean. It takes a special person to use big words like these without coming across as uppity, but Stacey pulls it off easily. She knows her stuff and is very good at explaining things so that they are very interesting. She has worked in museums, has goodies for sale in antique stores in Washington, DC, has sold her treasures at the Big Flea in DC (but prefers to be a shopper than a seller), and is thinking about creating a CD with loads of digital images from her enormous ephemera collection to sell on-line.

I'm privileged enough to know Stacey in real life, too. Before she moved to Washington, she lived near Raleigh and sold her pretty stuff at SuzAnna's Antiques. She would often wear a vintage apron over her jeans or a vintage skirt. She is just as cute as she can be! Since she lived in Raleigh, she made friends and connections, so she comes for visits and trunk shows from time to time. We get to catch up and shop!

Thank you! Thank you! The post card is going in a frame and on the wall in my laundry room. That's where I display all of my chicken "ephemera and bibelots."


Maggie B said...

What a sweet friend to send you this lovely gift. I'm going over to her blog right now to get to know her a little better.

*Ulrike* said...

That is such a cute card! I'll have to write that saying down so when my chicks don't want to lay I can repeat it! For now though, I can't complain, as they gave me 11 eggs the other day!!

Chicken Boys said...

Asking nicely. I nver thought of that!

Vintage Christine said...

That is just too cute--and so sweet of her to think of you! I love those big words, especially ephemera. Sounds so Victorian. Why aren't the girls laying eggs???

Linda said...

How cute is that postcard and so perfect for you!

Jenny S said...

Awww very cool! I miss Stacey! She is such a sweetie!

Stacey said...

Thank you so much Anna for your kind words and encouragement! You too are very special- Your friendship means so very much to me. It's nice to have a friend that loves you just the way you are- warts and all! Also, thanks for mentioning me on your blog - I've just met Maggie and she's a real doll!