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Thursday, January 28, 2010

This and That and a Few More Auction Goodies!

This post has bits and pieces from the last week. Before the snow, I made a last minute trip to Goodwill in search of a dress to cut up for a craft I'm working on for a swap. Look what called my name!

All I need is a pillar candle and I'm set. I can't wait to see the patterns the light throws of when only the candle is lit!

This poor little cardinal has been hanging out in the bird feeder in front of my kitchen window. When I first saw him, I thought something was wrong. It finally occurred to me...he is missing his 3 inch long tail feathers. I don't know if it a birth defect or a mean predator. Maybe his daddy was a lizard!

These are the fairies I made for a swap. Don't tell! I think they turned out cute.

Feathers from the girls, moss and acorn caps from the woods, vintage buttons and pipe cleaners and that dress from Goodwill!

Yesterday, I mentioned I have two really unusual flower frogs. Here they are...

This one is my all-time favorite!

The side view is even better!

And the curly-Qs on this one make me happy!

Vintage flower frog dreadlocks!

Here are the last of my goodies from the auction last weekend.

The Mr Peanut mug is in great shape!

This thermos is in great shape, too. All it needs is a handle!
It took me and Auction Dave a while to figure out how to get the top off. The seam in the first picture looked like it should open there. It would spin but nothing else. We finally figured out the white circle with the black dot was the lid. The black dot can be turned to pour without removing the whole lid. Inside is a glass ATLAS jar. Pretty cool, huh?
And this guy, I'm keeping! It is getting a workout on the back porch! With snow, warmer temperatures, back to freezing, etc., it just might bust a spring before the weeks over!

And the next friend who has a baby is going to get this beautiful embroidered pillowcase for a baby pillow. You gotta love the bluebird of happiness!


Linda said...

Such cute things as always. I do love those unusual flower frogs. They would make me smile also! Snow Snow and more Snow for you. Hope things thaw a little soon!

Barbara said...

Love the stuff, but I'm stealing your thermometer!! Mr. Peanut looks like Abe Lincoln!

Thanks for being so happy most of the time. It really cheers me up to read your blog!

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Lovely frogs I have never saw ones like that before. Way sweet fairies!

Vintage Christine said...

You know, of all that stuff I really like the Mr. Peanut mug the most (and I totally agree with Barbara about the Abe Lincoln look-alike). But the pillowcase really is cute, too.