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Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas at the Auction

I got two boxes of Christmas goodies at the auction. Most of the items have a vintage flair. Wanna see?

This photo is deceptive, the ornament is actually the size of a quarter!

I think this Santa was made by one of the kids in school. The red fabric reminds me of the old red long-johns.

These three pins probably aren't too old, but the colors are great!

And this guy makes me think of one of the 7 Dwarfs instead of an elf. Not sure I would put fire over his head...especially with my track record!

I've never seen Christmas combs before. Funny, the girl in the ad picture doesn't have one in her hair!

If I was sure it wasn't dry-rotted, I would so wear this one!

The wind chimes are stamped 1974...or is it 76? Still cute!

Where can I find this kind of pipe cleaner?

This cute little deer with the shag carpet style grass is adorable.

All you need is some greenery and poinsettias to poke in the back.

This cute tin plate must have come with a fruitcake on top.

And once you eat all the fruitcake, you have the recipe to make your own next year!

My favorite Christmas purchase are these beautiful Christmas cards. I'll be surprised if I can make myself send them out next year!

I have some very smart readers! I'll be posting the winner of my What the Heck is This? quiz tomorrow. If you haven't entered yet, you still have time!


Jenny S said...

LOVE the cards!! Too cute!

Pixie said...

you can get those pipecleaners on ebay...they are 'chenille bumps'. love all the vintage christmas goodies!

Vintage Christine said...

If that headband is still in the package, I'm sure it's ok--and it is sooooo cute. I also like that deer. No Xmas stuff at the auction I went to, but lots of stuff that had been stored in a Florida basement (I didn't even know there WERE basements in Florida!) since 1932. Can you say M-O-L-D-Y? Thankfully nothing I bought was tainted (cough cough cough).

Linda said...

So much vintage goodness. Love those Christmas Cards.

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Wow what a box of treats. I have never been to an auction I don't think I even seen any advertised in my area. I may have to venture in to the city.