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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Linens! Woohoo!

When the hell did I turn into such an old lady? Do you know any young hip chicks that melt over a pile of beautiful old pillowcases? Just have a look at these colors! The embroidery! The crocheting!

I learned how to make pillowcase dresses for little girls last year. Some of these are headed to the sewing room. If I didn't drool so much at night, I would put the Sweet Dreams on my big pile of feathers!

Maybe I'll use the ones with the A embroidered on them. They still had a Christmas gift tag on them. They were made for Aimee. Aimee? Anna? Semantics!

This is a wonderful piece of chenille fabric. I have seen some really cute jackets made from old chenille bedspreads. Would that be too old-ladyish?

Damn Blogger got me again! Tilt your computer sideways and have a look at these sheets. My cousin had these when we were in elementary school. They were Born Free sheets! Remember the TV show and the song from the 70's?
"Born free
As free as the wind blows
As free as the grass grows
La la la la la la la la la"
A box of sheets, about 8 fitted and 8 flats, was also included. I'll keep a few to back some quilts. The rest are going next door to Neighbor Terri's. She has two birds, Baby and Bart. In order to hush them up, she has to cover their cage with a sheet. They don't like this! Hence, they tear the sheets to shreds. If I didn't love the Born Free sheets so much, I'd send them over to see if the tigers intimidated the birds. I would bet not!


Linda said...

I have also started picking up linens. So funny, why do they call my name? The embroidery? the lace? who knows but they are so sweet! Born Free! Yep I remember...

bad penny said...

That A one is beautiful.

I loved Born Free and a ring of bright water with the same actors

Jenny S said...

hahaha! I have seen some cute "apronish" tie tanks tops made for adults out of pillow cases! You could keep the A one and make it for you!

Chicken Boys said...

You stay right there. I'll go get the wheel chair.

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

I love the embroidery! I collect and also make my own linens.

Barbara said...

I've got my walker, let's all go find some piller cases!

Oh, and since you stuck Born Free in my brain (thanks a WHOLE BUNCH), let me return the favor: