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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

Remember that story about Chicken Little. She convinced all of her friends the sky was falling because an acorn bonked her on the head while she was out for a stroll in the woods.

Do I smell snow?

Well, here in North Carolina, the weathermen and the school officials are Chicken Little. "The snow is coming! The snow is coming!" So, like all of Chicken Little's friends, we ran to the grocery store and stocked up on bread and milk. Goosy Loosy(aka moi) made a huge pot of chili. The roads were salted. School was delayed two hours to give the snow time to melt.

Quick! To the grocery store!

Goosy Loosy changed her alarm clock and went to sleep with a smile on her face knowing she would get two extra hours of sleep and the yard would be covered in snow in the morning. At 8:15 am, Goosy Loosy hopped out of bed, threw up the sash, and saw her usual winter-brown backyard.

Where the hell's the snow?

Dammit! No snow! But wait, I don't like snow. I got to sleep two extra hours. And, the kids are off to school! Woohoo! Goosy Loosy loves snow days!


Chicken Boys said...

Stoopid weather men! I fired mine. I decided to switch my morning news station just because of that. I'm just not sure who yet...thinking of WRAL since I get that station, but the other local CBS station is closer. Pitt Co. Schools decided to open regualarly, even though all last night they said they were delayed two what of the people who didn't get up early or didn't watch the morning news?!

Lisa said...

We got it all, 10+ inches and below zero wind chill. The kids got two days off here. Me, I am sitting at work, bummer.

I had to laugh, ran in CVS after work Wed, to get a loaf of bread before the storm. I seen more beer going out than milk. HA!

I think I should have gone home with them!

Vintage Christine said...

Those are darling pix of you, Miz Goosey-Loosey, er, Miz Chicken. We weren't warned about snow but they were still trying to scare us silly with threats of BLACK ICE! I guess the weather people were so upset by us not getting any hurricanes this year that they decided to get all hysterical about BLACK ICE. Which of course didn't materialize, just like your snow. I did turn my heat on, finally, so I guess it IS pretty chilly down in these parts.

Chickens in the Basement said...

Dang! You win! A county that makes even poorer decisions than Wake County. Wonder if they sent the buses back two hours later!

Jenny S said...

stoopid stoopid stoopid weather people!!!

The Queen of Clearance. said...

hahahahahaha...we got snow :( Oh well, Im staying in side and looking at it and its very pretty! As long as it is all gone by monday so I can go to classes!

Anke said...

We're in northern AL and according to our weather frogs the world is coming to an end. Snow, sleet, black ice... My kids didn't go to school the last two days and we had about 1/2 inch of snow! What a joke... now where's my margarita mix?

LemonyRenee' said...

Oooh, can I relate to this . . . except I'm not nearly as chipper about it, usually. You all saw my little hissy fit when the kids were suddenly give the last 2 days before Christmas vacation off! (Talk about cramping Santa's style!)

micki @ ADD housewife said...

They canceled school today for us. No snow. No icy roads. LOL But they didn't want to take the chance, I guess.

Jill said...

You are a hoot! I'd be tickled with two extra hours and NO SNOW!! The kids have been home since Wed. afternoon because of snow. I have been home since Sept. (or so it feels). I NEED TO GET OUT---!!!!